Kambodschas Söhne                          Die späte Heimkehr des Thonevat Pou

In March 2019 I had the nice opportunity to meet Mr. Thonevat Pou in Siem Reap.


Kambodschas Söhne

Die späte Heimkehr des Thonevat Pou


Listen to this radio portrait which is dated with monday, 27.05.13, SWR2




I could also find a transcript link for private use.

Colin Grafton - Cambodia 1972-75/Thai Border 1980


Cambodia: Images Past & Present (Introduction to London Exhibition, 1981)


…an unremarkable title, as good as any, I suppose; but the word “images” is important. Because photographs are just that – black and white patterns on pieces of paper which isolate instants in time, and which have as much potential for the selective distortion of reality as for the revelation of truth.