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Die Seele der Seide

A reportage for the german online travel magazine weltwach.de

Ban Bart story

Bangkok’s craftsmen and their wonderful bowls.

The Silk Weavers of Ban Krua

Silk weaving along the Bangkok Khlongs.

Takaor Village              (Ph Ta Kao Leu)

If one reads "Traces of War " written by Kikuo Morimoto, where he descibes his journey in Cambodia through Takeo Province and Kampot Province (and six others) carefully, there is a village namend Takaor village, were yellow silk yarn producing was still alive, after war time.
Takaor village, west of Tani town, behind Phnum Véal Thlôk.
Must be this, named on the district map:

Ph Ta Kao Leu


I have alwas wondered where in Kampot Province / Angkor Chey District this mysterious village might be.

Angkor Silk Farm: DiscoveringCambodia’s Golden Threads



An article about Golden Silk in Cambodia, written by Emile Lush, August 2019